Marketing for three reasons. With the exception of my own books and the astonishingly brilliant book by Tim Ferriss, The 4-Hour Workweek, this is the first. The 80/20 Cheat Sheet. The Vital 1% of 80/20 Sales & Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More. 1. Inequality of customers obeys the. 80/20 Sales and Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More [Perry Marshall, Richard Koch] on fatyfivythe.tk *FREE* shipping on.

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Add me to Perry Marshall's email list and send me the 80/20 Report PDF. In this guide I explain how to apply 80/20 thinking in sales and marketing; in clients' . The 80/20 Rule in Business 80/20 Says 80 Percent of Your Results Come from 20 Percent The above material is adapted from 80/20 Sales and Marketing. pdf . 80 20 SALES AND MARKETING BY PERRY MARSHALL FREE DOWNLOAD DDAAZNAQJR | PDF | Pages 80 20 SALES AND.

Within any system, the majority of value however defined is not spread evenly across all members of that system.

It is also fractal in nature, which means that it is scale-invariant and thus repeatable. The core of this book is how to advance marketing and advertising processes by using FPL distributions.

By segmenting your audience before targeting them, you can identify which segments are most valuable, or under-served. You can locate areas of unexpected value by applying the mathematics of FPL curves to extrapolate the sum value of a marketplace or the maximum value of a user. For example, FPL dictates that there are customers who are willing and able pay you a lot more money than you are currently charging them.

Use FPL to calculate that dollar amount, match a corresponding finely-tuned product to a need they have, and use this math as a basis for your price tiers.

In many cases, your best customer is already a customer. Send out pings and see who turns their head. Look for other pings you can jump on. Social media is for listening. Selling to the right person is Step Zero. Sales is a disqualification process.

If you encounter resistance, you're fighting against the law of nature.

Offer solutions and results, and use these as the entrance to a funnel, like a white paper or cheat sheet. Step 1 is harvesting emails. The customer list is your most valuable asset. Then segment them like crazy. Agitate the problem once you learn it. Use their language then amplify it. If you find other pain points, spin off other brands to solve them. Affiliate channels are worth pursuing and are often insanely valuable. Facebook is suited for businesses that focus on identity, experience and escapism.

Mtg is perfect. Search engine traffic is only a small portion even though it currently looks like the winner. Use economics to drive traffic, then focus on conversion. When your economics and conversion beat the industy, you can download their traffic and win.

The yellow curve is the actual data. The tool is at www. What kind of exotic cruise would you need to organize to get those 7 to spend thirty grand? And have you noticed any area of marketing that can deliver greater impact than others?

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And on it goes until you literally run out of people. You tripled your business! You also made it more robust, more diverse.

All their real money is made on the higher end brands. The cheap stuff just keeps the lights on.

A few of your customers DO have the ability to spend the money ; I can virtually guarantee you that. They have the desire to scratch the itch; I can virtually guarantee you that as well. There is almost always a deluxe downloader who wants to be pampered. Think Nordstrom.

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The 80/20 Rule in Business

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