PDF | On Jan 1, , Nahid MOHAMMED TAWFIK Fawi and others published MARKETING INFORMATION SYSTEM. PDF | The Internet is rapidly changing the way business views marketing information systems. New business models present challenges and. marketing community. This paper focuses on marketing information systems, examines them vis-a-vis the traditional market research function, studies the.

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This article is supposed to take a look at the Marketing Information System (MIS) as an analytical tool for marketing managers and specialists who seek to find an . The firms have functional information systems that consist of Marketing IS, Marketing Information System (MKIS) was first seen by Cox and Good () as. Marketing Information System (MIS) for Natural Products. Asia Network for. Sustainable Agriculture and Bioresources. Kathmandu, Nepal. All rights reserved .

The management of successful companies always focuses on each of the aspects of their business in order to make achievable decision. Marketing is usually that area of a company which requires lots of attention.

Company sales depend on marketing so company must use adequate solutions for the more effective promotion of their products. For this purpose companies rely on marketing information system.

Marketing information system allows a company to use all relevant information for developing its marketing strategies more effectively. In simple words we can say that Marketing information includes all those facts, estimates, guidelines, opinions, policies and other important data which is necessary for taking marketing decisions.

This information may be collected from internal and external sources. This information usually collected from customers, competitors, company salesmen, suppliers, government sources, specialized agencies and others.

Now a day MIS system uses modern technology and techniques for collecting, analyzing, storing and distributing information. Steps of Marketing Information System In order to use marketing information, companies have to focus on three main steps of marketing information systems.

Marketing information system

Assessing Information Needs Distributing Information Assessing Information Needs First of all marketer should know why the marketing information is necessary? However it may also provide information to external partners, such as suppliers, retailers and other marketing agencies. A databases allow marketers to tap into an abundance of information useful in making marketing decisions: In with Birn , " internal data is a part of the data that is needed to be collect and handled by the marketing information system.

Further more, managers regard this as a command to make effective operation.

But getting the information that is really needed from a marketing information system depends on what the information is and how it is used. The following internal operating data are essential:. Sandhusen defined that, environmental scanning is a display of the nature of MIS processed. Internal Reports System: It records various data from different department of a company, which is regarded as a major source of information.

Marketing Intelligence System: It is a main source used by managers for gaining daily information of the external environment, hence assists the managers to react to the changing rapidly.

Marketing Research System: It is used to collect primary and secondary data, and displays the results in forms of reports. Marketing Decision Support System: Compared to the supply of the data by the three previous systems, it focuses more on processing the data.

Marketing Information System

Bhasin stated that,"With an increasingly competitive and expanding market, the amount of information needed daily by an organization is profound.

So they have to establish a Marketing Information system. There are several advantages of Marketing information systems.

Maintenance, complexity and setting up a MkIS are one of the major hindrances to Marketing information systems. Furthermore, wrong information being fed in MkIS can become cumbersome and appropriate filters need to be established.

Kotler and Philip have said that "both primary and secondary researches offer loads of the data and information needed for the marketers, whereas the secondary data sources are relatively superior in quick provision of data at lower cost. Simultaneously, a firm cannot find all the data required by itself, but sometimes can be done with the help of secondary research.

However, researchers must assess those data collected from both primary and secondary data sources to enable the accuracy, updates and fairness.

Each primary data collection method — observational, survey, and experimental — has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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Similarly, each of the various research contact methods — mail, telephone, personal interview, and online — also has its own advantages and drawbacks. A RuMIS is necessary not only for corporate organizations engaged in marketing of agricultural goods and manufactured goods intended for sales in rural areas. RuMIS is required also by the agriculturists and farmers who have enormous decis!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hospitality Marketing Management 5th ed.

Marketing Information System

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Cengage Learning,Inc. The Effective Use of Market Research: Great Britain: Kogan Page Limited. Marketing 3rd ed. Barron's Educational Series. Marketing Information System With Diagram ". Retrieved 1 Nov Marketing Retrieved 23 Oct Principles of Marketing 13th ed.Therefore H12 was rejected, and H02 Null hypothesis is true and accepted.

An important interpersonal role is that of figurehead for the organisation. Overview[ edit ] Reid and Bojanic claimed that, " The term market research informs relatively narrowerly than Marketing Information System MkIS which is altered from the term management information systemization.

While information systems have made great contributions to organisations, until recently these contributions have been confined to narrow, transaction processing areas. Principles of Marketing 13th ed.


It operates in a fragmented fashion — on a project-to-project basis.