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Being a volcano goddess may have its perks, a fiery temper not always being one of them, but it also means that things can turn deadly. So when the search for her sister lands her in the path of a group of gods and goddess that have a bloodthirsty agenda, Ash must decide whether saving her sister is enough or whether she will have to become a hero for all of humanity.

This sequel, that brings together gods and goddesses from around the globe, not only packs a punch, but has an easy flow that will make the pages fly. He broadens the setting, lengthens the timeline, enlarges the cast of characters and expands the world. And he does all this in a way that feels natural to the story, right for the characters and easy to follow for the reader.

Leaving Blackwood Academy behind her, Ashline Wilde sets off on a quest to find her younger sister. One that will introduce her to new friends and put her face-to-face with old enemies. One that holds the promise of a new love but will make her confront an old one. And one that will put her life at risk time and time again. Author Karsten Knight has crafted a story that is inventive, exciting, shocking, heartbreaking and utterly spellbinding.

With its beautiful and fluid writing that brings both crushing and heartrending losses and surprising and violent ends, this sequel allows readers to make a stronger emotional connection with the characters and story. This book was intense. It was action-packed. It was everything that Wildefire was, but so much more.

I could not believe how packed full of everything this book was. There was nail-biting suspense. There was a lightning fast pace.

There were peeks into another time. There were peeks into another place. There were gods and goddesses aplenty. There was romance. There were heaps upon heaps of danger. And there were moments of tenderness and heartbreak that stopped my heart from beating, stole my breath and left me utterly devastated. Yes, this author broke my heart in not one, but two centuries. Oh and of course there was a good boy, a bad boy and a not-so-good girl that took center stage.

Every single character in this story was important. Every single character was fascinating and interesting and either detestable, lovable, a little bit of both, or just plain terrifying. I am not fully satisfied with the ending because for me it's tragic.

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But overall, this book is amazing. The secrets and the revelations aren't what I expected either. There are more secrets from the past that are yet to unfold and I'm excited to see them revealed on the next book. Yes, sometimes I got frustrated because I didn't know who to trust anymore--the characters are unpredictable!

So expect betrayal, revenge, and murders. I enjoyed it and I am eagerly anticipating the third.

Full of actions, mysteries, suspense, wit and even drama, this book will put you at the edge of your seat. You make a decision whether you want to spend your life staring at the dark horizons…Or whether you want to spend it catching every sunrise that you can. Mar 01, Giselle rated it really liked it Shelves: A finished unsolicited copy was provided by the publisher for review. Embers and Echoes picks up right after. We find Ash with the truth of having another sister named Rose.

She meets more gods and goddess friends this time around, and with their help manage to track down Rose. What happens when she comes face to face with the love of her life, the trickster? Ash is such a spitfire, and I love it. I also love the fact that she rescues guys instead of the guys rescuing her. Lily is back and bitchier than ever. I rather liked how she took the role of villain since Eve was stuck in the Cloak Underworld.

Wes is a great new addition and he seems more trustworthy than Colt ever was. The mish-mash of all mythological tales are again combined in this trilogy.

I rather like it. I would end up googling their names and reading up on all the stories. We need answers Karsten! I also love that the cast is multi-cultural. It just seems so much more relatable since not everyone is a cookie cutter blonde in the novel.

So much action in this one that I could not put it down. I love the action scenes. The dialogue always managed to crack me up. Maybe Aphrodite is enticing them with her powers? Another confusing bit about the book was the switch from third person to second person. I thought it was wildy annoying, and felt Karsten should have stuck to third person through out the novel. Second person viewpoints should stick Choose Your Own Adventure books. In the end, I really enjoyed this one. Embers and Echoes is absolutely amazing.

I knew Karsten Knight was an awesome writer after I read Wildefire, but Knight totally took me to a higher level of his awesomeness in the sequel Embers and Echoes. I thought I knew a little where Knight was going to take his sequel, but I was wrong. Knight definitely blew me away with the storyline in Embers and Echoes, and one of the mind blowing was Colt Halliday, yes, notice I said his whole name. I fell in love the gorgeous forest ranger Colt right along with Ashline in Wildefire, but this time around, Jerk is way too nice of a name for Colt.

I love it when Ashline told Colt "Come near me again, and we'll find out what else you can regrow. Ashline is a girl after my own heart when she says this to Colt. Thank you Mr. Knight for Ashline's wonderful character! Ashline is going to really have a rough time with love and fighting for her life, she will find out who Colt really is, plus trying to get Eve out of the Cloak's Netherworld and losing more of her friend, old ones and new ones.

And she also will have to fight four sadistic gods and goddess's to get her little sister Rose back, with one of the sadistic goddess being Lily. Ashline has her hands full and on top of everything she is remember her past lives. Ashline has to go to Miami for her fight and rescue mission and she meets Wesley who's the Aztec god of night and Aurora who's the Roman goddess of the dawn.

Wes and Aurora offer their myth's powers to help Ash, but it clear that Wes is offering more than just his power to Ash and Ash is not refusing Wes. But Ash is starting to realize love for her really stinks when it comes to romance with gorgeous myth gods.

Embers and Echoes is an amazing sequel to Wildefire with thrilling action and chilling heart-break for Ashline with her sister, her friend, her enemies and her love life.

I highly recommend Embers and Echoes as a must read beautiful kick-ass heroine you will love and be rooting for. May 09, Leann rated it really liked it. Ashline Wilde, age 16 is a reincarnated volcano goddess, Pele on a mission.

Her younger sister has been kidnapped by the Cloake, a supposed Miami based cult. This is also the place that Ash has sent her evil older sister, Eve. To make matters worse, Ash rescues the Aztec god, Wes and then has more issues with Colt, the ex-boyfriend.

But she is having flashbacks to earlier lives and is finding out some disturbing information about all of the gods and goddesses in her current life. She must make some difficult decisions in order to save her current life and those she loves, but will it be too late? This book is set in modern day which makes the gods and goddesses even more fun. Full of action and adventure, this is a fast moving, fun, exciting read!

I highly recommend to High school and up. Oct 12, Mlpmom Book Reviewer rated it really liked it Shelves: Nov 12, Joy rated it liked it. Funny quote: I'm the Aztec God of night-Tezcatlipoca. Texting a cat with a what? Jul 20, Sasha rated it really liked it Shelves: Sad Sasha! And while I enjoyed new characters — hello, Wes — I missed the old ones too!

I loved it. View all 3 comments. Jul 22, Cory marked it as to-read. Eventually, I will finish Wildefire. Until then, I will say that I like the title for this book.

Perhaps the cover will be cooler too. Jan 04, Alivia Anders is currently reading it Shelves: Dear Karsten Knight, I am waiting.

Waiting for this book. Feb 26, Jessi Novel Heartbeat rated it it was amazing Shelves: From my blog Auntie Spinelli Reads Oh. I am currently speechless, please give me 3. So, um, this book rocked my socks. It was fast-paced, action-packed, and full of twists and turns. The stakes are high and nothing is what it seems. And boy, did everything go to hell in a handbasket Knight really knows how to play your emotions! I felt a vast array of them - shock, horror, sadness, joy, regret. Mostly shock.

This book was a rollercoaster of emotion! There are SO many things that didn't go the way I wanted them to, and so many losses. I can't believe And the secrets revealed about the past were crazy! Everything tied together brilliantly. And you only got bits and pieces at a time, so it was like a puzzle to figure out.

I love puzzles. She's fiery and strong, albeit a bit volatile at times but that's because she's a volcano goddess. I gotta hand it to her, even after all of the shit that she went through - which would have reduced most of us into a sniveling fetal ball - she managed to keep her shit together and do what she had to do.

I hated Colt. I think I liked him in Wildefire, but I didn't know then what I know now, nor did I know everything that he was responsible for. And his agenda was shocking. I hope he gets what's coming to him in book 3! The minor characters were fabulous. Wes, the sexy god of night; Aurora, the spunky winged goddess; and even Ixtab esh-tawb , the lesbian-ish reaper of death.

I liked them all! And even the baddies were well-done, inciting dislike and sometimes outright hatred from me: Thorne, Bleak, Rey, and Lily. The Four Seasons were terrible and their fanatical ideas were horrifying. So were the things they did. I'm not sure about the romance, though.

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Things moved pretty fast between Ash and Wes, and he was kind of a rebound from Colt - and there was an almost love triangle. Thankfully it didn't fully form, because there was never a question of who Ash would pick or who I would pick for that matter. It wasn't really instalove - they didn't get that serious - but it was a little more serious than you would expect from two people who had only known each other a few days. The revelation about Pele - holy crap!

I never saw that one coming. The whole Candelabra thing with the Spark, the Fuse, and the Flame was fabulous! Can I please have Afterglow now? The kind that run to their future, and the kind that run from their past.

As someone who has run twice in her life, I can tell you this: They're the same damn thing. Favorite character: Probably Aurora, I really liked her. I could see her and I being friends in real life.

Nov 17, Natasha rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Truly and engrossing read. Okay huge spoilers so anyone who reads and have not read the book have only themselves to blame if they read further. Ashe is one of my favorite female leads.

So after finding out her boyfriend is a deity as well he shows a bit of true insanity. Ashe uses her lava powers to glue him to ground to get away from him. She eventually goes to Miami to find the enticing the Aztec god of night Tezcatlipoca but referred to as Wes. Also their are tidbits into the long lost litt Truly and engrossing read. Also their are tidbits into the long lost little sister of Ashe and Eve and boy she is even worse than Eve.

She truly loves blowing things up and is spiteful and entitled. The book introduces 3 antagonists along with a re-introduction to Lily who like they will a problem but the true instigator of all the misfortune is Colt because they promptly get killed off one by one.

The first one to die is Norse goddess of Winter who I felt sorry for when she asked Ashe to not leave her alone while she died despite Ashe being the one responsible for it. Then comes the death of said Norse deities boyfriend.

Lily becomes a true entitled bint who despite the fact that she looked pained when trying to Kill Ashe deserved to be stabbed in the heart from a broken champagne glass. Her final moments are spent on one last rant on how the people she betrayed first ruined her life.

The final one gets offed by the psychotic Rose's explosions. She is taken to Wes's home and eventually gets Ashe to the netherworld where Eve is kept. There its revealed that the reasons there are less gods is their own fault. The gods spent their eternal lives not gaining wisdom but being entitled bullies. The spooky force that gods feared is actually a friendly hivemind allergic to hatred. They only took Eve when Ashe had enough of the emotional strain she put upon her. Even after being freed Eve proves that Ashe is the only reasonable one of the family along with the only one who has a fundamental moral core while Eve would turn off any guilt relating to her adoptive parents guilt and cause chaos.

Colt reveals his mater plan of making the three Wildes one as they were all once the whole Pele. Then Rose commits the act that removed any amount of sympathy I did have and could have had for her. She then throws Raja out a thirty foot window. And Eve steals Raja's baby to join Colt and his insane love fusion love plan making me wish that Ashe would break her big sisters jaw and cripple her. What a ride it was. I hope Rose dies painfully and slowly from an implosion for ironies sake.

Embers & Echoes

While Eve gets stuck in a cave instead all of them fusing back into one. Embers and Echoes, the sequel to Wildefire was an amazing-emotional rollercoaster!

I read Wildefire last year and really enjoyed it. Ashline has a dr Embers and Echoes, the sequel to Wildefire was an amazing-emotional rollercoaster!

Ashline has a dream of Rose, her younger sister, and follows the clues to Miami. Once she arrives in Miami, she saves another young man who happens to be a deity just like Ash. As Ash and her new friends search for her sister Rose, it leads them to the Four Seasons. Not only does Ash have to save her sister but stop the Four Season before they wreck havoc on the streets of Miami. Readers get a new playground as they leave the academy in California, and explore Miami.

Knight had no problem getting rid of characters in this book, as the list of casualties piled up. I was pretty shocked to see certain characters go and others were kind of expected LOL.

This was a very quick read, regardless of it being almost pages pages.

The book is full of action, suspense, crazy twist and shocking betrayals! Go download it now! Jan 12, Perenelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: OMG, really Karsten Knight??? Even the characters I actually liked??? And the part with Pele being a candelabra, that was certainly interesting. But now I'm wondering So, which part of Pele is Ash?? Yes, she is the "volcano" part, but who was the one with Colt all this time?

And Wes, what part does he have?? And How many more gods and goddesses will be introduced??? What happened to Raja's kid? And what? I feel like I don't understand HOW this author can kill off this many people Many many people in how many pages?? A few. How could someone DO that??? Feb 03, Dainy rated it really liked it.

Full review on Reader's Dialogue: Definitely fiery! With the amount of times Miami is burnt, frozen, overgrown, electrocuted, or blown up, it's amazing it still exists! Ash's search for her little sister leads her to more of what she experienced in the first book in regard to her trust of others, her quest to live a normal life, and her desire to patch things up with her sisters.

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As her visions show her more and more of her past lives, she doesn't know who Full review on Reader's Dialogue: As her visions show her more and more of her past lives, she doesn't know whom to trust - and who should trust her. The more she finds out, the more complicated things get. And when she learns exactly what the Cloak is doing, and what Colt is doing, the stakes are raised tremendously, both for her personally and for the world at large.

I love Ash's relationship with Wes. It's so sweet to watch, and amid the crazy crazy going on all around them, it's nice to see this. It's like their lifeline for a while. Until, of course, Ash finds out why they're being together is probably not such a good idea - and then in typical Ash fashion, fights for their relationship to survive despite the clear warning signs.

Colt comes back and messes things up, but not for too long, thankfully - I really hate that guy by now. I was totally invested in the characters throughout the book, and when some of the good ones died, it hit me strongly. It heightened the feeling of being completely alone that Ash has to deal with most of the time.

And the last couple of pages are really really great! Setting things up for book 3, but nail-bitingly tense all on its own. I'm really looking forward to the final book! Feb 24, Jessica rated it really liked it Shelves: Ah good, no middle-book-syndrom to be found here. A lot more violence and a little less crazy sister though. Eve is stuck in the netherworld and a group of gods have kidnapped Ash's sister from her previous kidnappers. And now that she knows her boyfriend Colt is a creepy liar, she's on her own, headed to Miami to get back both her sisters.

There she meets Wes, god of the night and his friend Aurora, some goddess with wings, who are willing to help Ash in tracking down her youngest sister by goi Ah good, no middle-book-syndrom to be found here. There she meets Wes, god of the night and his friend Aurora, some goddess with wings, who are willing to help Ash in tracking down her youngest sister by going after Lesley, the woman determined to kill Eve and her band 4 of gods and goddesses who call themselves The Four Seasons.

This book is significantly longer than Wildefire but also has a lot more going on, this is not a case where the author forgot how to edit. This book includes many god-on-god battles in between calmer scenes where we get to know Ash's new friends, as well what happened in her most recent past life.

We have some reappearances from Ash's god friends from the first book but mostly we're dealing with a new set of characters as people are not dead have gone their separate ways for the summer. So this book brings with it, more anger, and fighting, but is just as good if not better than the first. We also learn a lot more about Pele and the Cloak. Jun 01, Tara rated it it was amazing. First, the characters are unique, and based on the myths of god and goddess around the world, ones I've never even heard of.

So that alone is pretty interesting. And then, comes the plot.

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You know, I tend to always predict the plot of the books i read. But ever since i read Wildefire and then Embers and Echoes I just couldn't guess the plot surely.

There's a lot of twists that make me think twice, and that's intriguing. I just can't put the book down, and trust me, this book's worth my whole night and day. So yeah, I really recommend for everyone to read it. You want romance? Hot and stark boys? Some hand fist and cat fight? Just can't wait till the next installment is released. I heard it will be on December, geeeeez! Dec 27, Amy rated it it was amazing Shelves: I wish that goodreads puts a higher rating in the stars because I think this story deserves more than just five stars!

It deserves ten for crying out loud! Already I enjoyed the second book more than the first book because of the intense action and the fire power that our beloved heroine Ash possesses.

Talk about a heroine who is probably katnis everden and Beatrice prior combined into one, with a few added touches to make Ash a fiery goddess that I have come to love in this series!

Now I need t I wish that goodreads puts a higher rating in the stars because I think this story deserves more than just five stars!

Now I need to go onto the third book so that I can see her kick her ex boyfriends sorry butt back into oblivion!Embers and Echoes picks up right after. Embers and Echoes is an amazing sequel to Wildefire with thrilling action and chilling heart-break for Ashline with her sister, her friend, her enemies and her love life. Eve is stuck in the netherworld and a group of gods have kidnapped Ash's sister from her previous kidnappers. There were so many plot twists that were brilliant.

Trivia About Embers and Echoes I feel like I don't understand HOW this author can kill off this many people Many many people in how many pages??


Probably Aurora, I really liked her. That is her main weakness, but as she starts to over come this in the book I find myself becoming more attached to her character. Sep 17, Jax rated it it was amazing.