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Watermarked PDF. $ $ Designed for use with the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game, the d20 Menace Manual presents a host of. D20 Modern Menace Manual Art Gallery d20 Modern Menace Manual - Star DOWNLOAD PDF d20 Menace Manual A d20 ModernSupplement. Kheyli Nghan . MONSTERS. THAT TIME FORGOT. CONVERTING MONSTERS. When I was asked to help write the Menace Manual for the d20 MODERN Roleplaying Game, .

Repairable: Constructs cannot heal damage on their Low-Light Vision Ex : Unless otherwise noted, a giant own, but they can be repaired using the Repair skill. A suc- has low-light vision. A construct reduced to 0 hit points is immediately destroyed and cannot be repaired. Normally, a humanoid has two arms, two legs, and one head— Special: Constructs cannot be raised from the dead. An occasional humanoid might have supernatural or extraordinary abilities, but such are Dragon not the norm.

Humanoids share the following traits. A dragon is a reptilian creature, generally winged, with Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A humanoid with magical or otherwise unusual abilities. Dragons share the more than 1 Hit Die receives one of the following as a bonus following traits.

It is not proficient with Keen Sight Ex : Any kind of humanoid that is accus- armor. Immunities Ex : Dragons are immune to sleep, hold, and Size: Humanoids are always Medium-size or smaller. A magical beast is similar to an animal but can have an Intel- Darkvision Ex : Unless otherwise noted, an outsider has ligence score higher than 2.

It may also possess supernatural darkvision with a range of 60 feet. Some magical beasts are also Special: Like elementals, outsiders cannot be raised from bizarre in appearance and habits. Magical beasts share the the dead. Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A magical beast is proficient only with its natural weapons. It is not proficient Plant A plant is an animate vegetable creature; inanimate plants with armor.

Plants share the following traits.

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Keen Sight Ex : Unless otherwise noted, a magical beast Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A plant is proficient has darkvision with a range of 60 feet and low-light vision. It is not proficient with armor. Monstrous Humanoid Blindsight Ex : Unless otherwise noted, a plant without A monstrous humanoid is a human-shaped creature with visual sensory organs has blindsight with a range of 60 feet.

It may also possess Immunities Ex : Plants are immune to sleep, paralysis, supernatural abilities. Monstrous humanoids share the stunning, and mind-affecting effects. They are not subject following traits. Simple Weapons Proficiency as a bonus feat. In addition, it is automatically proficient with its natural weapons and Undead with any weapons mentioned in its entry.

If armor is noted An undead is a once-living creature animated by spiritual or in its entry, the monstrous humanoid also receives the cor- supernatural forces. Undead share the following traits. In addition, it is automatically Darkvision Ex : Unless otherwise noted, a monstrous proficient with its natural weapons and with any weapons humanoid has darkvision with a range of 60 feet.

If armor is noted in its entry, the undead also receives the corresponding Armor Proficiency Ooze feat light, medium, or heavy as a bonus feat, as well as the An ooze is an amorphous or mutable creature. Oozes share Armor Proficiency feat for each armor type lighter than the following traits. It only with its natural weapons.

It is not proficient with uses its Charisma modifier for Concentration checks and all armor. An undead may or may Ability Scores: An ooze has no Intelligence score. It is not have an Intelligence score. Immunities Ex : Undead are immune to poison, sleep, Extra Hit Points: An ooze gains extra hit points accord- paralysis, stunning, disease, necromantic effects, and mind- ing to its size see Table 8—13 in the d20 Modern Role- affecting effects.

They are not subject to critical hits, playing Game. Oozes are not subject to critical hits, flanking, or the Healing: An undead with no Intelligence score cannot effects of massive damage. Undead can be healed with nega- tive energy such as an inflict light wounds spell.

Unless Outsider otherwise stated, an undead is destroyed immediately if The outsider type encompasses all creatures that origi- reduced to 0 hits points. Outsiders share the following traits.

In addition, it is automatically arthropods, worms, and similar invertebrates. Most vermin proficient with its natural weapons and with any weapons have no supernatural abilities. Vermin share the following mentioned in its entry. If armor is noted in its entry, the traits. It Climb: A creature with a climb speed automatically has functions purely on survival instinct. The creature must make a Climb check to out visual sensory organs has blindsight with a range of climb any wall or slope with a Climb DC greater than 0, but 60 feet.

The creature climbs at the given visual sensory organs has darkvision with a range of 60 feet. If it attempts an accelerated climb see the d20 Immunities Ex : Vermin are immune to mind-affecting Modern Roleplaying Game, page 50 , it moves at double effects.

A vermin gets a bonus to the save DC of its poison based creature cannot use the run action while climbing. Dice and Constitution modifier determine its hit points.

The creature most often takes cat form to hide or run ability scores. A bogeyman gains the following ability Whatever its form, the mere presence of a cat folk evokes score increases: A bogeyman must have a irrational fear in normal felines, usually causing them to flee.

For its part, a cat folk is highly disdainful of normal cats, and Languages: A bogeyman rarely speaks, but it can read, it attempts to kill any that dare to enter its territory. Against could. A bogeyman gains Great Fortitude and Improved attack to gain time for either drawing a weapon or escaping. Damage Threshold as bonus feats, assuming that it meets the prerequisites and the base creature did not already have those feats.

As an attack or move action, a cat gained as a 1st-level human character. By character class. In cat form, the creature has the same phys- ical statistics and attributes as a normal cat see page in Bogeyman Tough Hero 9: A cat folk receives Alertness as a bonus Wis 14, Cha Law Enforcement.

Claws Ex: A cat folk has retractable claws that function Skills: Archaic Weapons Proficiency, Armor Proficiency critical hit on a natural Variety of slashing weapons. A successful save means the feline is shaken but does not flee. Cat folk are sleek and dangerous humanoids that prowl Mesmerizing Gaze Su: Any mammalian creature within the cities of humankind.

Though cat folk have integrated Charisma modifier or be dazed see page in the d20 fully into human society, most have found their way into Modern Roleplaying Game. These creatures are often found running Scent Ex: This ability allows a cat folk, regardless of its prostitution rings, setting up drug distribution networks, form, to detect approaching enemies, sniff out hidden foes, or dealing in illicit goods.

They prefer to surround them- and track by sense of smell. See Special Qualities in Chapter selves with weak-willed humans whom they can coerce Eight: Friends and Foes in the d20 Modern Roleplaying into performing most of their dirty work.

Humans who ally Game for details with or work for these creatures walk a dangerous Slow Fall Ex: A cat folk ignores falling damage from tightrope—cat folk can be extremely capricious, switching heights of 30 feet or less. When falling from a greater height, from generous benefactors to murderers over the tiniest it can attempt a Reflex save DC 15 to halve the damage. Cat folk prefer to live in luxury and tend to covet wealth and power. Cat Folk: Glock 17 9mm autoloader , 50 rounds of ammunition, concealed carry holster, formal outfit.

Talents Fast Hero: Talents Charismatic Hero: Glock 17 9mm autoloader , 50 rounds of ammunition, formal outfit, con- cealed carry holster, cell phone. A charred one exists only to burn the living and exact revenge on those it holds responsible for its death.

A charred one resembles a human being that has been burned to a blackened husk. Its glowing-red eyes glitter with hatred and malice. A charred one speaks one language that it knew in life. Its voice sounds like crackling flames. Despite its solid appearance, a charred one has no physi- cal form and can glide through solid objects. It gives off a shimmering, intense heat that can ignite flammable objects it touches.

In combat, a charred one uses its incorporeal touch attack to set opponents afire. Charred One: Lightning Reflexes, Weapon Focus incorporeal touch. Advanced Charred One: Species Traits Fire Subtype: A charred one is immune to fire damage. Heat Su: This heat is usually enough to melt nonmagical teric ingredients. Flammable items, such as irrevocably insane, but whether that result stems from the clothing, wood, or paper, are automatically ignited by the mind-bending complexity of the work or the constant touch of a charred one see Catching on Fire, page in the CREATURES.

A typical chemical golem stands about 9 feet tall and Incorporeal Subtype: A charred one has no physical weighs approximately 4, pounds. Although the mem- its own attacks pass through armor. If the charred one was created as the faint, acrid smell.

A chemical golem wears no clothing and result of arson or careless use of fire, it gains the ability to carries no possessions. This ability is similar to the A chemical golem is incapable of speech, though it can effect of a locate object spell as if cast by a 5th-level understand any language spoken by its creator.

Acolyte , but the creature can locate only the creature In combat, a chemical golem strikes with its mighty fists. A charred one can use this ability If faced with several opponents, it makes good use of its once per day. A charred one has the traits and immunities common to undead. Species Traits Berserk Ex: When the uncontrolled golem goes on a rampage, it attacks the nearest living creature.

It no creature is within reach, it smashes some object smaller than itself, then moves on to spread more destruction. Once the golem goes berserk, no known method can reestablish control.

Breath Weapon Ex: Once every 1d4 rounds, a chemical golem can breathe a foot cone of acid and toxic fumes.

d20 Modern - Menace Manual (OEF).pdf

Each creature in the area takes 5d6 points of acid damage Reflex half and 1d4 points of Constitution damage Forti- tude negates. Chemical Healing Ex: A chemical golem does not heal normally, but it can drink toxic liquids such as acid, poison, or cleaning supplies to heal itself.

The creature heals 1 point of damage per 8 points of download DC that it consumes in toxic chemicals. A chemical golem has no ability to discern which substances can heal it, so its creator must either command it to drink the appropriate chemicals on the spot or provide it with precise commands and a ready supply so that it can heal itself.

A chemical golem gains no benefit from drinking a sub- stance not considered immediately harmful to humans. The consumed liquids mix with the chemicals inside the golem and are destroyed. A chemical golem has the traits and immunities common to constructs. A chemical golem ignores the first 15 points of damage dealt by any non- magical weapon.

A neutralize poison spell or effect slows the creature Skills: Rupture Ex: If the chemical golem takes at least 10 Advancement: Every creature in the area takes 10d6 points of Skills: Chemical Golem: A chimpanzee is generally humanoid in form, although all Chimpanzee: Wis 14, Cha 8. Species Traits Feats: Weapon Finesse slam. To use this ability, the chim- Advancement: On a successful , these bizarre creatures are actually throwbacks to the hit with such an attack, it automatically deals bite and Mesozoic era.

Drifting high in the sky, nearly invisible to the slam damage to its foe. See Special Qualities in Chapter naked eye, they have coexisted peacefully with humankind Eight: Friends and Foes in the d20 Modern Roleplaying for millennia. A chimpanzee gains Weapon Finesse slam A Crawfordsville monster appears as a gigantic amoeba floating through the air.

A typical specimen measures 20 as a bonus feat. The creature Skill Bonuses: Ordinarily, a Crawfordsville monster is completely SW transparent except for its nucleus, but after absorbing a meal, its body takes on a pinkish-red hue that lasts for several hours. When in distress, a Crawfordsville mon- ster emits a piercing, wheezing noise that can be heard several hundred yards away. Crawfordsville monsters subsist primarily on birds that are attracted to certain pheromones the creatures emit.

In recent years, however, these monsters have become much more aggressive, venturing down to the surface of the earth occasionally in search of humans and other land-based creatures to feed their insatiable appetites.

A Crawfordsville monster feeds by engulfing its prey, then secreting powerful enzymes to dissolve the food into a pinkish jelly. These aerial predators lived an idyllic life until the creation of modern aircraft, which have decimated their populations worldwide. A jet can blast through a Craw- fordsville monster with ease, causing only a ripple of turbulence for those inside the plane. A Crawfordsville monster attacks by slamming with its pseudopods, then attempting to grab and engulf its opponent.

Species Traits Acidic Enzymes Ex: These enzymes continue to dissolve the victim even after the attack, dealing 1d6 points of acid damage each round until the wound is washed with at least 1 pint of water or some other appropriate liquid.

Engulf Ex: A Crawfordsville monster can simply bowl over opponents up to one size category smaller than itself Create Crawling Claw as a attack action during a move action.

Each Level: Mage 3; Components: V, S, M; Casting Time: Close 25 ft. Crawfordsville monster or a Reflex save DC 13 to avoid Severed human left hands within a 5-foot-radius circle; being engulfed.

A successful saving throw indicates that the Duration: Instantaneous; Saving Throw: Yes harmless monster moves forward. A Craw- You create a number of crawling claws up to twice your fordsville monster cannot make a slam attack during a caster level. The hands to be transformed must all be round in which it attempts to engulf, but each engulfed within a 5-foot-radius circle.

Once created, the group of creature takes 2d6 points of acid damage on that round and crawling claws obeys your telepathic commands as long every round thereafter that it remains trapped. A Crawfordsville monster is immune to feet. If you give the crawling claws simple standing damage from piercing weapons. A Crawfordsville monster orders to the best of their ability until you return and remains invisible even when attacking. Any creature that issue new orders. Otherwise, they mill about aimlessly, correctly discerns its location despite being unable to see it attacking anything that moves into their space.

The Material Component: This ability is always active. They move about by walking on Ooze: A Crawfordsville monster has the traits and immu- their fingers in a spiderlike manner—in fact, they can easily nities common to oozes. A Crawfordsville A crawling claw resembles a severed left hand. The stump monster takes double damage from attacks that deal sonic drips a clear ichor that exudes the faint scent of formalde- or concussion damage.

Though it is not intelligent, a crawling claw retains some Crawfordsville Monster: Reach 10 ft. CR 12; Gargantuan Construct: Animated by a mix of foul Advancement: Demonic Machine: Alertness, Improved Initiative. Demonic machines can function like normal machines of their kinds, and they often do so for long periods, just Advanced Demonic Machine industrial shredder: It attempts to draw its victim into its works and mangle or Con —, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 5.

Species Traits Charm Person Sp: Scientists and occultists argue as to whether these creatures Construct: A demonic machine has the traits and immu- come to Earth from other places or are created by dimen- nities common to constructs. Unlike most constructs, how- sional accidents. Whatever their source, they can often be ever, it has an Intelligence score supplied by the demonic found near sites where great magic or dangerous experi- force that animates it.

A demonic machine attempted. Dimensional horrors make it their business to ignores the first 10 points of damage dealt by any non- guard such places from intrusion, killing any creature larger magical weapon.

In campaigns without magic weapons, than a rabbit that approaches. Its black and purple Feats: Though technically a construct, a demonic carapace rises high over its shoulders to shield its head, machine is animated by a fell presence from beyond which is a nest of eyestalks, pincers, and tentacled, toothy Shadow. From either side of this squirming mass juts a mas- beyond 1 HD.

A demonic machine may make a grind attack blades of chitin. To use this ability, the demonic Invisible and intangible most of the time, dimensional machine must hit an opponent at least one size category horrors make ideal guardians. Most interlopers who intrude smaller than itself with its claw attack.

If it gets a hold, it on sites guarded by dimensional horrors simply vanish from automatically deals claw damage each round that the hold the world, never to be seen again.

Such places often earn is maintained, and it can grind in the next round. See Special reputations for being haunted or cursed. Local legends Qualities in Chapter Eight: Friends and Foes in the d20 may attribute the disappearances to an angry spirit, a fey Modern Roleplaying Game for more information.

Machine Possession: The animating force in a demonic Some scientists theorize that dimensional horrors pro- machine is a demon from beyond Shadow. This creature can, tect rifts or tears in space—the larger the rift, the more at any time, choose to abandon one machine as a free dimensional horrors flock to defend it. Whether such action and possess another as an attack action. Communication and negotiation with dimensional hor- Creatures within the coexistent dimension can see, hear, rors is impossible.

The creatures are incapable of speech, and affect each other normally, and they can also see and and they respond only to attacks and intrusions into the hear the normal world.

No visual cue differentiates crea- places they protect. A dimensional horror, however, innately knows attempts to grab a single creature and drag it back into which of the two dimensions any creature within range of whatever dimension or space it normally inhabits, thereby its blindsight occupies. Once it reaches the A dimension-shifted creature is unable to affect anything safety of its own reality, the dimensional horror can focus in the normal world and can pass through nonshifted all its fury on its prisoner.

Reliable reports of such attacks objects harmlessly. The coexistent dimension effectively are understandably rare, but from the few that exist, lacks gravity, so a shifted creature can move about at its researchers postulate that dimensional horrors have some base speed in any direction or orientation it desires.

How- capacity to judge the threat that intruders represent. A dropped object falls at the same horrors have been known to track those they view as per- rate as it would in the normal world and comes to rest on sistent threats up to miles to eliminate them. Species Traits Though the coexistent dimension has no atmosphere as 27 Blindsight Ex: A dimensional horror can ascertain all such, any shifted creature can breathe normally there. These creatures and objects within 30 feet in both the normal world and its own coexistent dimension.

Although a dimensional horror can be blinded and deafened normally, nothing can rob it of its blindsight. To use this ability, the dimen- sional horror must hit a single opponent that is its own size category or smaller with both claw attacks in the same round. If it gets a hold, it automatically deals damage for two claw attacks each round that the hold is maintained, and it can attempt to use its shift dimension ability see below in the same round.

Friends and Foes in the d20 Modern Role- playing Game for more information on the improved grab ability. This ability allows a dimensional horror to detect approaching enemies, sniff out hidden foes, and track by sense of smell. See Spe- cial Qualities in Chapter Eight: The dimensional horror may use its scent ability against creatures in the normal world even while it is in its coexistent dimension see below.

Shift Dimension Su: This ability, usable at will, allows the dimensional horror to move from the normal world to a coexistent dimension or back again as a free action.

Any creature in this alternate dimension is invisi- ble and intangible with respect to the normal world. Creatures there cannot see or hear dimensionally shifted creatures; to anyone watching a shift from the normal world, it appears that the DO affected creature simply ceases to exist.

Many dimension as long as it wishes. Any other shifted creature people died to bring these items into being, and many more or object remains there as long as it is grappled or held by will die unless they can be put to good use.

When Dimensional Transformer: Acting on the few available that time elapses, the creature instantly shifts back to the reports of the coexistent dimension inhabited by dimen- normal world. When a dimensional horror dies, all crea- sional horrors, scientists set to work attempting to access it. Creatures that arrive in the normal shifted to this dimension and then only for short periods. The result of 1d6 points of damage for each 5 feet so traveled. The this development is the dimensional transformer.

Once activated a move action , the dimen- when they automatically shift back to the normal world, sional transformer shifts any bullet fired from the gun into 28 they will not be obvious. True seeing, see invisibility, and similar effects make the realm of the dimensional horrors.

The bullet shifts just before leaving the barrel and remains in the other dimen- dimensionally shifted creatures visible to creatures in the sion for only a few seconds.

This effect allows the wielder normal world, and dispel magic returns them there, auto- to fire at dimensional horrors and other shifted targets matically breaking the grapple of any dimensional horrors even though they are not visible or tangible.

The effects of that hold them. Nevertheless, a few technological useful in many encounters with dimensional horrors. The items have been created to combat these terrors from device can shift bullets before it burns out and beyond see the New FX Equipment sidebar.

An interesting side effect of the dimensional transformer Dimensional Horror: The bullets had no effect on the dimen- SQ blindsight 30 ft. When fired in the coexistent dimension, a Cha Multiattack, Track. For- Advancement: The potential of the Advanced Dimensional Horror: Small; download DC: A shift detector looks like a bulky, Int 9, Wis 15, Cha Cleave, Multiattack, Power Attack, Track.

Alternatively, the small that it cannot swallow anything larger than 18 inches device can be wired to a networked alert system that relays in any dimension.

Though its teeth are extremely sharp, they the alarm elsewhere. The field projects outward from the are better suited for grabbing, holding, and swallowing than shift detector in a to foot radius, and it can detect for chewing or tearing. In fact, evidence suggests that ple- shifted creatures within or on the other side of objects. It cannot the stomach to aid in the digestive process.

Medium; download DC: A plesiosaur might nudge a boat a Shift Extender: Scientists have been unable to perfect few times in an attempt to determine its nature or gain its any means of transferring creatures or objects as large as attention. If the occupants prove to be aggressive, the dimensional horrors from one dimension to another.

Beyond incidents amount of time a creature remains shifted once a dimen- of this nature, however, plesiosaurs rarely attack humans. Their primary interests are eating and self-defense. Though it is somewhat awkward to use, this device, called a shift extender, has proven to be highly useful in fighting dimensional horrors. Species Traits A shift extender is a surprisingly small device about the size and shape of a brick, with two nets made of long wires Scent Ex: This ability allows a plesiosaur to detect approaching enemies, sniff out hidden foes, and track by 29 sense of smell.

When these nets are Friends and Foes in the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game wrapped around a creature or object weighing no more than for details. Both the shift extender and its attachment remain shifted for an extra 2d10 rounds beyond the usual 1- minute duration after release in the coexistent dimension. If the wearer of the device is grappled again by a dimensional horror during this period, the device resets, providing another 2d10 rounds of extra time after the next release.

When the extra time has elapsed, the device and the object or creature to which it is attached return to the normal world. If desired, the wearer can return to the normal world before the time is up by manually shutting off the device. Doing so requires a move action to discon- nect the cables. Military; Weight: Plesiosaurs are intelligent as animals go, and they seem to be highly curious, especially about ships and other waterborne ves- sels. Scientists have speculated that their interest stems from the fact that, at least in silhouette, a boat somewhat resembles the body of a plesiosaur.

Averaging 45 feet long and weighing several thousand pounds, a plesiosaur is only nominally amphibious. Though it can travel out of water for short distances, it does so only with great difficulty because its mass is a hindrance without the added buoyancy of water.

Standing almost 20 feet tall, the tyrannosaur is a biped Feats: Its heavy, tapered skull features Advancement: Its almost vestigial forelimbs seem tiny com- pared to the rest of its bulk. Tyrannosaurs roar primarily at dusk and dawn, when the pterosaurs, and the one that has survived the longest.

Sight- noise carries over longer distances. Such reports may have always predators. If they can get food more easily by scav- grown into the dragon legends that abounded in Europe and enging than by hunting, they do so. When it does stalk prey, China during the Middle Ages.

It has a long, whiplike tail that trails when possible, then lurks until a good opportunity for attack presents itself. The moment its potential prey is dis- out behind it as it glides through the air. To use this ability, the tyrannosaur feet above the ground as they search for prey. Despite must hit an opponent two or more size categories smaller documented incidents in which pteradons have attempted than itself with its bite attack. If it gets a hold, it shakes the to carry off pets and small children, these creatures seem to grabbed opponent back and forth, automatically dealing prefer the role of scavenger to that of predator.

Pteradons bite damage each round. Once the opponent stops resisting, are easily frightened by creatures and objects their own size the tyrannosaur attempts to swallow on its next turn. See or larger, such as cars, trucks, and other dinosaurs; however, Special Qualities in Chapter Eight: Friends and Foes in the they fiercely stand their ground against smaller opponents, d20 Modern Roleplaying Game for more information.

This ability allows a tyrannosaur to detect A pteradon attacks with its massive beak and sharp approaching enemies, sniff out hidden foes, and track by talons.

When attacking from the air, it generally tries to sense of smell. If a tyrannosaur begins its turn struggling victims, so this maneuver may be repeated several with an opponent two or more size categories smaller than times with particularly feisty prey.

If it succeeds, it Species Traits swallows its opponent, automatically dealing bite damage. A successful grapple check allows the swallowed for details. Alternatively, the swallowed Spd 20 ft. Diminutive or smaller opponents. Dex 12, Con 19, Int 2, Wis 15, Cha A doom hag has the traits and immunities Skills: It is said that these foul creatures are the with- Con —, Int 15, Wis 17, Cha Simple Weapons Proficiency, Stealthy, Weapon 31 hag resembles a grizzled crone. It is always clad in a Focus claw.

Instead of walking, the doom hag floats a few inches above the ground, letting its gnarled feet dangle uselessly below.

d20 Menace Manual (d20 Campaigns: d20 Modern)

When a doom hag dies, its form dissolves into a foul-smelling vapor that forever taints the surrounding landscape.

A doom hag typically uses its confusion ability to get a potential victim thoroughly lost before closing in for the kill.

Despite its emaciated appearance, a doom hag is incredibly strong and can rend flesh with ease.

Species Traits Confusion Sp: Mimicry Ex: A doom hag can imi- tate but not necessarily understand the sounds made by any person or animal it hears. Natural Invisibility Su: During day- light, a doom hag is naturally invisible and remains so even when attacking.

This ability is always active, but the doom hag can suppress it for 1 round with a successful Concentration check DC A new check at the same DC is required for each sub- sequent round that it wishes to remain visible.

The doom hag is visible from sundown to sunup. Special Qualities in Chapter Eight: Intoxicating Fruit Ex: The fruit of a dread tree pro- gained a modicum of sentience, a streak of cruelty, and a duces a scent that is extremely intriguing to mammals. Any craving for blood. Once These fell creatures are typically found in the least there, the creature must make another successful Will save explored regions of the world, although occasionally a same DC or pick and eat the fruit.

A creature too small to dread tree has appeared in a populated area. A forest that reach the branches eats fruit that has fallen from the tree. The toxin the general area around it. A dread tree resembles an ancient oak with black bark Plant: Dread trees have the traits and immunities and huge, glossy leaves that droop heavily from its branches.

Anyone who stares long enough at its trunk can discern a Skills: Because a dread tree is intelligent, it gains skill twisted, evil-looking face in the bark. A dread tree has at points as if it were an animal. These mis- Smash Ex: A dread tree can smash a grappled opponent shapen branches are much more noticeable in the winter into its trunk or on the ground, dealing slam damage every 32 months, when the tree loses its foliage.

In the summer and late fall, a dread tree produces fruits resembling luscious round the hold is maintained. These fruits emit a sweet fragrance that most Dread Tree: At night, how- 10 ft. Although a dread tree gains its basic sustenance through Advancement: Typically, a dread tree Advanced Dread Tree: Species Traits Skills: Beyond that range, all targets have total con- cealment with respect to the dread tree see Concealment in the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game.

Double Damage against Objects Ex: A dread tree that DROP BEAR Although the Australian government officially denies the makes a full attack against an object or structure deals existence of the drop bear, this bloodthirsty cousin of the double damage to it. Fire Vulnerability Ex: To use this ability, the dread tree creatures—drop bears are responsible for dozens of deaths must hit an opponent at least one size category smaller each year, and that number climbs with each passing season.

If it gets a hold, it automat- Although drop bears traditionally feed on rabbits, the ically deals slam damage each round that the hold is main- decline in the rabbit population has caused them to turn to tained, and it can smash in the next round see below. See a more plentiful food source—humans. Stealthy Pounce Ex: If a drop bear leaps upon a flat-footed foe, it can make a full attack even if it has already taken a move action.

Drop Bear: Their origin is unknown, but strong evi- dence suggests that they have existed on Earth for millennia. In fact, researchers speculate that the gods, angels, devils, de- mons, and transcended beings described in the histories of many world religions The minor differences between a drop bear and a koala may actually have been elohim. If so, it is likely that these are discernable only to trained naturalists. A drop bear creatures were at one time much more populous than they can even imitate the sleepy demeanor of its genetic are now, and that they operated more openly in human cousins as a sort of behavioral camouflage.

Because drop society. Egotistical and vain, elohim are nonetheless quite charis- matic. Because of their incredible beauty and well-devel- CREATURES that vicious wild animals masquerading as cuddly koalas oped skills, most people find their superior air both routinely kill humans there.

Australian officials are aware justifiable and charming. Thus, these creatures are most that certain chemical repellants are effective in discourag- often found in the highest social strata of any culture in ing drop bear attacks, but forestry service rangers are for- which they choose to live.

As top-level executives, highly bidden by law from explaining exactly why they so heartily successful lawyers, drug lords, models, and movie stars, recommend it.

A drop bear prefers to initiate combat by pouncing on an In ancient times, elohim frequently set themselves up as unsuspecting foe. Thereafter, it uses its teeth and claws to kings, emperors, angels, or gods. They used humans to play tear at its prey. At some point, however, the elohim were betrayed by one of their own. Species Traits Their true nature and activities were revealed to humans, Scent Ex: This ability allows a drop bear to detect who formed secret societies for the sole purpose of rooting approaching enemies, sniff out hidden foes, and track by out and destroying them.

When the elohim began to suffer sense of smell. Once a unified race, the elohim fell to infighting, and their combined losses in bat- Species Traits Elemental: An elohim has the traits and immunities tles with both humans and each other eventually caused common to elementals.

Fear Aura Su: When in its fire form see below , an The elohim hid for a long time thereafter, unwilling to elohim projects an aura of righteous wrath that is fearsome put their lives at risk by taking significant roles in human to behold. Each creature within 30 feet must succeed on a affairs.

Thereafter, the creature is shaken for 24 hours. However, if these creatures can expunge the traitors Fire Form Ex: In this form, the elohim can use its flame Although elohim can use most human weapons, they shield ability and swing its flame sword normally, but any prefer to assume their fire forms and fight with their flame normal, unattended objects it touches immediately catch swords if seriously threatened. A creature that grap- ples with an elohim in this form takes 4d6 points of fire damage per round of grappling no saving throw.

In fire form, the elohim can deal an extra 2d6 points of fire damage to an opponent with a successful unarmed attack, though it usually prefers to use its flame sword. Assuming fire form or revert- ing to human form requires a full-round action.

An elohim that is killed or knocked unconscious while in fire form instantly reverts to its human form. Fire Subtype Ex: Flame Shield Su: At will as an attack action, an elohim can summon a shield of semisolid fire that floats near its body. If desired, the elohim can use an attack action to send the flame shield hurtling toward a foe up to feet away with no range penalty. Flame Sword Su: At will as a free action, an elohim can summon forth a greatsword made of semisolid fire. The elohim must use both hands to wield this weapon, which deals 2d6 points of damage and 3d6 points of fire damage on a successful hit.

The sword threatens a critical hit on a roll of natural 20 and deals double damage on a confirmed critical hit. Should the weapon leave the hands of the elohim, it vanishes in a puff of smoke.

Telepathy Su: An elohim can speak telepathically to any other creature within feet. An An etoile resembles nothing so much as a deadly Christ- elohim cannot read thoughts, so any creature that receives mas ornament.

Approximately 1 foot tall and 6 inches a telepathic message from an elohim must respond ver- wide, the spindle-shaped body of an etoile consists of bally in a language that the latter can understand in order shining metal tines and blades.

Three of these tines are to converse. Multiple etoile can increase the power available in direct proportion to 35 English, Speak Language any two. In theory, if enough etoile worked together, Feats: If the object lacks a power source, it operates for only 1 round after activation. To do so, it must keep all three pin- Speak English , Speak Spanish. A single etoile Firearms Proficiency, Renown, Simple Weapons Proficiency, generates enough power to continuously operate a desktop Trustworthy.

Multiple etoile supplying power to the same Talents Charismatic Hero: Coordinate, fast-talk. Light undercover shirt, HK MP5, 60 their number; that is, doubling the number of etoile doubles rounds of 9mm ammunition 2 magazines , cell phone, the available power, tripling it triples the power, and so on. PDA, briefcase. Electric Shock Ex: When an etoile hits with a melee or melee touch attack, it can choose to shock its foe for an ETOILE Named for their appearance by the French monks who dis- additional 1d6 points of electricity damage as a free action.

Etoile are immune to electricity.

An etoile has the traits and immunities creatures that the monks first thought they were. Mechanical Healing Ex: An etoile cannot heal nor- On a failed save, the creature immediately takes 1 point of mally. To regain hit points lost to damage, it must either be Dexterity damage and 1 point of Wisdom damage. Each repaired like a mechanical device or devour the corpse of day thereafter, the creature must succeed on a new Forti- one of its own kind.

Two successful can be applied to an etoile, but a Repair check rather than a saving throws in a row indicate that the creature has Treat Injury check is required.

Any creature including an fought off the nannite infection, but any damage already etoile without a mechanical repair kit takes a penalty on taken must heal normally.

If an infected creature has an Repair checks, just as a character lacking a first aid kit would Intelligence score of at least 6 and either its Dexterity or when making Treat Injury checks. Such a creature immediately etoile to heal itself. As soon as consump- later in the chapter , and all ability damage previously tion is complete, the etoile regains all lost hit points and dealt by the disease is healed.

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Thereafter, the new sand heals all ability damage. Through a process as yet of the nannite infection. Once per day confuse its debilitating effects with drunkenness or drug as a free action, it can inject these nannites into a foe it has use.

Etoile are immune to nannite infection. Telepathy Ex: Though it cannot pro- duce sounds, an etoile can communicate its thoughts and desires to any creature within feet that it can see, regardless of intervening matter such as glass. However, it cannot communicate thoughts back to the etoile unless it also has telepathy.

Etoile do not normally know any lan- guages other than their own thought-speech, so they often rely on their human agents to act as interpreters.

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Etoile Techie 5: A pair of short, curving horns juts Cha In his human form, he moves among Skills: Ball is the perfect role model for wealthy and ambitious Feats: Witty, urbane, and irresistible Knowledge [physical sciences], Knowledge [technology] , to anyone he so much as winks at, Ball travels the world, Gearhead, Surgery, Weapon Finesse pincer. Class Features Techie: In some circles, a private audi- 37 ence with James Ball is worth more than a benediction Possessions: Tiny robot wheeled, 10 ranks in Disable from the Pope.

Device , Diminutive robot wheeled, 10 ranks in Demolitions. FIEND Otherworldly beings of terrible power, fiends are physical manifestations of evil and corruption that exist to inflict pain, fuel hatred, or spread despair.

They are universally vio- lent, greedy, and perverse. Their greatest pleasure is to tempt mortals to become as depraved as they are. Fiends appear in countless forms, although their physical characteristics often reflect some sin or other vile aspect. Species Traits Fiends share the following traits: Fiends have darkvision out to a range of 60 feet. Darkvision is black and white only, but it is other- wise like normal sight, and a fiend can function with no light at all.

All fiends have a primary allegiance to evil. Fiends may also have an allegiance to either chaos or law. They are proficient with their natu- ral weapons and any weapon mentioned in their entries. Fiends noted for wearing armor gain the bonus feat Armor Proficiency with whatever type of armor they are accus- tomed to wearing light, medium, heavy , as well as all lighter types. Fiends can speak Abyssal the language of demons and a number of additional languages equal to KK their Intelligence bonus.

Fiends with an Intelligence of 8 or higher can also read and write these languages. Fiends cannot be raised from the dead. He can retain either form indefinitely. Archaic Weapons Proficiency, Cleave, Confident, target it can see and attack it as soon as possible.

In Talents Charismatic Hero: Charm males , coordinate, this case, the Will save DC drops to Baal ignores the first 10 Possessions: Vast personal and corporate wealth, collec- points of damage dealt by any weapon with a magical tion of ancient Middle Eastern religious artifacts. This merciless killer prowls the city streets in Fear Aura Su: At will as a free action, Baal can create an search of prey and leaves behind horribly mutilated corpses. This effect is A fleshraker is a human-shaped creature that stands 6 otherwise identical to that of a fear spell caster level 10th; feet tall and weighs pounds.

It fits the classic description Will DC Its mouth, which is usually pulled back in a Immunities Ex: Baal is immune to fire and poison. Resistances Ex: Baal has cold resistance 20 and extend nearly a foot. Two small, sharp, curved horns jut electricity resistance Spell-Like Abilities: At will—augury, bane, bestow Once it enters the normal world, a fleshraker must take a curse, command, comprehend languages, confusion, human life every day.

It takes great pleasure in tormenting and toying inflict serious wounds, knock, mass inflict light wounds, with its victim, preferring to inflict several small cuts that passwall, prestidigitation, read magic, see invisibility, bleed profusely before closing in for the final slash.

A telekinesis, true seeing, wall of fire. A fleshraker Feats: Weapon Focus knife. Death Hunger Ex: A fleshraker that goes 24 hours Talents Fast Hero: Evasion, uncanny dodge 1. Leather jacket, casual outfit, hat, 12 knives. This damage cannot be restored until the fleshraker kills a human, at which point the ability damage heals normally.

A fleshraker ignores the first 20 skin and a slender but well-muscled frame clad in tight-fit- points of damage from any attack that deals fire damage. A fleshraker is immune to slashing and strange clasps. Its demonic head is hairless and covered with piercing weapons.

A harriken can detach its head from its body Wounding Weapon Su: Any slashing weapon wielded and replace it with the decapitated head of any humanoid by a fleshraker can inflict terrible wounds that bleed pro- creature.

In addition to the normal damage the weapon deals, To kill a harriken, one must destroy its head. While wear- the target takes 1 point of damage that round and each sub- ing the head and assuming the form of another creature, a sequent round from bleeding.

Multiple wounds from a harriken will usually entrust its detached head to loyal wounding weapon result in cumulative bleeding loss two underlings or hide it somewhere safe. A suc- Attach Head Ex: As an attack or move action, a har- cessful Treat Injury check DC 15 or the application of any cure spell stops the bleeding.

The weapon does not retain this ability outside the grasp of a knife fiend, although any riken can attach a head either its own detached head or the severed head of any Medium-size humanoid creature to its 39 headless body.

It gains the visual, auditory, and olfactory bleeding wounds it has inflicted continue to bleed if the senses of the creature whose head it wears; if the creature fleshraker is disarmed. Fleshraker knife fiend: Fleshraker Fast Hero 3: Any damage dealt to the body that would knock it below 1 hit point is ignored. A harriken can com- municate telepathically with any crea- ture within feet that has a language.

Harriken headsnatcher fiend: Body Blindsight Ex: At that time, it was known as the Spring-Heeled a range of 30 feet.

However, without its own head, the Jack. As an attack or move action, a harriken drivers. The creature vanished for a few years at the end of can detach the head either its own head or the severed head the decade, then reappeared in the s, the s, and the of any Medium-size humanoid creature from its body.

Encounters with the jumping jack in England seemed Disguise Self Su: The harriken can assume the appear- to end in , but several similar sightings occurred in the ance of a specific Medium-size humanoid creature by United States during the s. The This unique creature always appears as a tall, athletically illusion lasts as long as the head remains attached. The har- built human male wearing tight oilskin or leather clothing.

The jumping jack slashes at its panicked victims with its Electrical Rejuvenation Ex: A harriken is immune to razor-sharp claws and laughs uproariously at their screams.

Furthermore, it heals 1 point of damage for When pursued by the authorities or other courageous indi- every die of electricity damage it would take normally. For viduals, the jumping jack leads them on a merry chase, example, a 6d6 lightning bolt heals 6 points of damage to howling with glee at their vain efforts to apprehend it. Breath Weapon Su: Once every 1d4 rounds, the jump- Fire Resistance 10 Ex: A harriken ignores the first 10 ing jack can breathe a foot cone of fire.

Each creature in points of damage from any attack that deals fire damage. However, if its head is Constitution modifier halves the damage. A kwevencha ignores ignores the first 10 points of damage dealt by any unsilvered the first 5 points of damage dealt by any unsilvered weapon. A kwevencha is immune to poison. The jumping jack is immune to fire and Improved Grab Ex: To use this ability, the kwevencha poison.

The jumping jack can ignore the attack. If it gets a hold, it deals automatic damage with its foot move requirement for making long and high jumps. Improved Grab ability. Monstrous Spider Minions: A kwevencha has 2d6 Tiny Jumping Jack blood fiend: The save DC and Feats: Stability Ex: Jumping Jack Fast Hero 9: Evasion, defensive roll, increased speed, uncanny dodge 1, uncanny dodge 2. Colt Python fully loaded. Its small head bears eight beady black eyes and four black mandibles, which it uses to clamp onto its prey.

The kwevencha has eight limbs: Small spiders cling to its bloated form. The kwevencha revels in spinning convo- luted plots, and it enjoys staging elaborate traps to snare its prey. A kwevencha kills and devours underlings who point out flaws in its carefully laid plans. Dealing damage to the web ambling humanoid with long, ropy limbs. The murdergaunt has hateful green eyes and a cluster Skill Bonuses: The murdergaunt keeps to the shadows, terrorizing its Kwevencha spider fiend: CR 7; Large outsider; HD intended prey with a haunting, whistling dirge.

A murdergaunt ignores the first improved grab, monstrous spider minions, poison DC 17 , 10 points of damage from any attack that deals fire damage.

Wis 13, Cha Impale Ex: A murdergaunt that hits with one of its arm- 42 Skills: An impaled creature Feats: Improved Damage Threshold, Iron Will. A mur- HD Huge ; or by character class. A murdergaunt can impale two Medium-size or smaller creatures at the same time; however, it cannot make an attack or attack of opportunity with an armspike that is currently impaling a foe.

A murdergaunt can communicate tele- pathically with any creature within feet that has a lan- guage. Whistle Su: A murdergaunt can whistle as a free action every round. A cowering creature is frozen in fear, loses its Dexterity bonus, and can take no actions.

In addition, a cowering creature takes a —2 penalty to Defense. The save DC for the whistle is Charisma-based. Murdergaunt whistling fiend: Agile Riposte, Dodge, Stealthy.

Stygilor Tumor Fiend A stygilor appears as a 6-foot-tall, obese humanoid draped with flabby layers of flesh. Scabs and oozing lesions cover its hairless head and body, and its shoulders sport numerous knobby protrusions. Its thick, fleshy arms end in hooklike talons.An animal is a nonhumanoid creature, usually a vertebrate, Weapon and Armor Proficiency: An elemental is profi- that exists in nature. When it does stalk prey, China during the Middle Ages.

CR 15; Gargantuan animal; HD ment. Con- structs share the following traits. Most terrifying is the fact that a bogeyman is extremely difficult to kill.