Shoot 'n' loot your way through a brand new adventure on Pandora's moon—this Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Signature Series Strategy Guide covers all the. Shoot n loot your way through a brand new adventure on Pandora s moon this Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Signature Series Strategy Guide covers all the. Borderlands the Pre-Sequel! is the third entry to the core Borderlands franchise. The story takes place between the first Borderlands and.

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: Five Crucial Tips for the Game on NVIDIA SHIELD Hear about the latest Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel guides, exclusive content. that downloading publication Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Signature Series Strategy Guide By BradyGames will certainly suggest that you could. This guide for Borderlands the Pre-Sequel is a richly illustrated walkthrough for The developers continue the original, comic book style of the series, but they.

You can kill the enemies around here if you want the experience, or you can simply head over to the waypoint to the north. Here, you will find the Moon Zoomy Station. Install the key at the terminal, then try to use it. It won't work, but if you melee attack the terminal, the computer changes its mind. This is the same as Catch-A-Ride in Borderlands 2.

Deploy the Laser Moon Buggy and and teleport inside.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Game Guide

From here, you can mow down all of those enemies before with the vehicle's guns -- and they have unlimited ammo, so woohoo for that!

Otherwise, drive toward the waypoint. You'll pass Moon Zoomy run and then go through a canyon. After the canyon, you'll have to jump a lava pit, so be sure to put the vehicle in turbo before the ramp.

After the ramp, drive over to the entrance to Serenity's Waste. You can stay in your vehicle when you go to this area; that way, you don't have to respawn another buggy. In Serenity's Waste, drive over to the waypoint, which is Ozless Harbor.

Springs waits on the ground floor; grab the Orbatron that she has in her outstretched hand, then talk to her to turn in this quest. Grab a vehicle and drive toward the waypoint. There will be a broken bridge when you turn out to the right, but you will be able to jump over it with your turbo boost. After the jump, drive over to the garage-like structure with air bubbles. Drive inside, jump over the debris, and enter Concordia.

He will immediately put up the force field into the city, then fine you on some verbal crime. At the door, give him the Orbatron to lose your fines, then head down to the decontamination area, which is actually Nurse Nina's medical center.

Get inside the decontamination chamber -- it will hurt you, but Nurse Nina will give you something to restore the lost health. Exit the medical center to enter the center of the city. To your left is the tower lift; head over to it and push the button to go up. Only, the Meriff doesn't want visitors, so we'll just have to find another way to do this.

So, head over to Moxxi's bar, which is really close. Inside, go up to counter to see that Moxxi's not there. The heroes of our last adventure are here -- Roland and Lilith. Talk to Roland and then Moxxi will show up behind the counter of the bar. Talk to her, and she'll agree to help you out. First, you need to get some Moonstones. Head to the bank, which is highlighted by the waypoint.

At the bank, a Claptrap unit greets you and then lets you open the 'vault. Well, it appears the Moonstones are not here, and instead at the stash. This sure feels "tutorial," but head over to the stash now. This is the same room that the cop Claptrap brought you originally.

In this room, take a look at the stash, but it appears cop Claptrap had it all along! So take the Moonstones from him and head over to the black market dealer.

You can use them to permanently increase ammo capacity, bank capacity, and backpack capacity. I highly suggest using the Moonstones on backpack capacity, because we will need to haul looted items back to vending machines throughout our adventure. Towers For each of these, if you wander around hopelessly for a little while, Moxxi will give you a more specific waypoint to get up to the towers. But with this.

After that, jump up a level via the sides, and then jump over to the first tower. Place it and then whack it with a melee attack.

Now onto the second.

The next tower is on the other side of the city. Stay on the rooftops -don't go back to the ground -- and jump over to it. Unfortunately, it has an electric fence that needs disarming, so turn and go up the ramp. This leads to a small area with a console, but that's not what we want. Instead, jump from this platform to the small platform with the fuse box. Destroy the fuse box, then go back to the second comm tower.

Place the transmitter to finish that one. Moxxi tells you to get to the tower by the Meriff. This one is in the center and above the other two comm towers.

To get up, go back to the electric fuse box and jump up to the higher level. From here, head on over to the tower. But when you get close, the turrets activate. You'll have to destroy the three defense turrets before you can continue. Two turrets are on either side of the tower, and one turret is sticking out of the top of the tower. Take cover behind the structures on the walkway to the tower.

The turrets are easily destroyed with any automatic weapon, but you have to make sure all three aren't firing at you while you are trying to take them out! Put the transmitter in the last comm tower, and then your asked to pick up the parts from the turrets you destroyed.

They are right outside, so grab the parts from the destroyed turret. Install it on the transmitter, and we'll get a super secret Meriff conversation.

After that, we need to activate a console. It's NOT on the ground floor, but on the rooftop, so jump down to console and activate it. We have our next destination, but we first have to leave the city.

And when you try to leave by going to the waypoint marked on your map, the Meriff locks the city down. Head back to Moxxi's bar. So, head over to the slot machine, pull the lever, then press the secret switch. Inside the secret room, enjoy the funny scene with Moxxi, then follow her to the secret exit. It's all very secret, see Talk to Moxxi to turn in this quest. Follow the linear paath until you reach a Moon Zoomy. Here, you'll definitely want to deploy a vehicle to make your trip much faster.

Still, getting to the waypoint is counterintuitive, so use your map to make sure that you are driving toward it. You will have to go through a small. At the waypoint, you find SC4V-TP, who won't let you in and instead gives you the initiation task to get in the gang.

So, you'll need to kill Darksiders and gather their prisms before you can enter the Crisis Scar. Get a vehicle either use the one you used to drive here, or deploy another one at the Moon Zoomy and drive to the waypoint.

It is the "Grabba. Go through the hall to reach the base. Here, Darksiders will drop down from the ceiling and attack you. Take them down from the hall; don't go inside the room and get jumped, literally. They'll run toward you while going down the hall, making for easy targets.

Pick up the Prisms that they drop -- it will probably just be one -- and head over to the jump pad in this room. Blast the box next to the jump pad on the ground, then ride it up to the top of the base. Head outside, then up the stairs, and kill the enemies near here. You'll be using this cargo container as cover while you clear out the enemies up here. You have to kill 20 Darksiders, so you'll be up here a while. Just shoot from range and use the cargo container as cover.

Kill Wally Wong, who will drop a prism, and then Dinkum, who will drop the last prism. Finish up on the 20 kills, then jump off the top of the base and get back on your ride.

Bestselling Series

Things just aren't going your way; you'll have to find another way to enter, the "secret entrance. Use the intercom to open the secret door. Before you enter, be sure to take out the annoying bats outside because they will follow you in. Through the door, use the jump pad to get further in the base. The enemies quickly realize you aren't any new recruit, and the fight begins again.

Clear the enemies on this little island -- use the crates for cover -- and get out your sniper rifle. Snipe out the enemies on the hill -- this is where you're going to go -- and then cross the bridge, use the jump pad, and you'll be at their position now.

Clear the enemies around here, then enter the building with the "Dahl" sign. In here, restock on ammo, then proceed to the Crisis Scar. Crisis Scar Exit the building and head toward the waypoint. You'll have to fight your way past some Kraggon, and then you'll see the fortress.

Stay on the high ground -- go left, destroy the cryo plants, and jump to the big platform in the center of the lava. From this platform, look northwest and jump over to solid land again. Head to the waypoint, which is the gate to the "Red Bellys Place. Use the cargo containers and vehicles as cover. Then they'll activate the turrets on both sides of the gate. From cover far away, take them down. With the turrets itchin' to fight Facility. You'll cover positions. Clear the enemies you near the gate, then head inside to reach the Comms be in this first area for quite a little bit, so look for Specifically, the small building to the right of the.

Clear out the enemies in this area and the Red Bellys will sic jetpack enemies on you. They just fly and, well, that's it. They are enemies with cover, ripe for the headshotting. Head to the waypoint, and a Badass Outlaw comes out to play. This guy is basically a mini-boss. He has shields, cryo grenades, and a powerful laser gun. Stay back and headshot him for an easier win; or, use the several barrels around this area to destroy him.

You can retreat back to the building at the gate for cover while you take him down. With the Badass Outlaw out of the way, enter the Red Bellys' lair and follow the linear path to the waypoint.

This will lead to an outside area and, again, you're in for a big firefight here. Use the building you just came out of as cover while you defeat these enemies.

They will mostly come out of the building with the satellite dish. Fight your way to the waypoint. When you clear the area, the gate opens up, revealing -- you guessed it -- more enemies.

There will be more normal enemies, and then another Badass Outlaw. Kill him the same way as the first -- lure him into barrels and headshot him. With the area clear, head inside the building to reach RedBelly arena. Stock up on supplies and then enter the inside of the arena. Get ready for a boss fight! RedBelly Level: So, it does moderate damage, and then a DoT afterward. Don't let this hit you more than once in a row, or you will be at low health.

This will take down your shields if he connects, so backpedal when he throws his hands up in the air, which is his charge signal.

So, make sure to stay the heck away from him. What makes this battle not too difficult are the pathing issues with RedBelly. If you leave the arena and go over to the vending machines, RedBelly will get "stuck" before the hall, allowing you to shoot him up. He will still fire back, but he is a shell of his former self when he can't get close to you. This completely negates his charge attack, but you'll still have to worry about his nasty laser gun, which is cause burning after it hits.

When you get RedBelly's health down, the two go apart and Red floats around in the air. If you're not using the pathing trick, do not let Red float near you or he will drop grenades on your head. Kill Red first -- he's basically just a head -- and. To take out Red, simply fire at his floating self while staying far, far away from him.

And for Belly, use the pathing trick again. If you have any trouble with health, you can use the vending machine to restore it. There are also containers throughout the arena that have health packs. Finally, ignore the normal enemies that spawn unless you need a second wind. They will endlessly respawn, so killing them does not make a bit of difference, but they are good for Second Wind because they go down in just a few shots. So, to summarize: When they separate, stay far away from Red and shoot at his floating self.

And then take down the Belly with more of the same pathing issues. And you can make this fight more difficult if you don't use the pathing trick at the hall. You'll just have to run around the arena, sticking behind the pillars and the walls to dodge RedBelly's attacks. The weak spot for Belly is the head, and for Red, it's the legs. Fire at those spots for critical damage. Ignore the Scavs here, as they will still infinitely respawn. You will see that the signal is up a level, and you CAN'T jump to it.

I was here for around ten minutes trying to figure out how to jump to it!

Instead, use the button under it to open the door. Head up the stairs to the signal, which is busted. So, you'll have to go to a maintenance console now. The door on this level opens up and you can go back outside again. Ascend the stairs to reach the top of the RedBelly fortress. Activate the console, and then you'll have to destroy three relays. They are around the structure in front of you. But first, take cover and destroy the two turrets on either side. Then, clear the enemies that spawn.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Signature Series Strategy Guide von Bradygames (2014, Taschenbuch)

And finally, take out the relay. It seems that only certain gunfire can destroy it, so switch to an explosive weapon or gracefully throw a grenade at it, to blow it up. The other two relays are much of the same: If you fall off the side at any point, there are jump pads that will boost you back up. And ignore the planes, as they are a lot of trouble to shoot down.

Jump off the top of the fortress, toward the front gate, and exit this place. Head to the gate, flip the lever, and head back into Triton Flats. And then, after that, you know the way back to Concordia -- and by that, I mean take the nearest Fast Travel to get back there. Meet Jack at the center of the city, then head to the Customs Claptrap.

After Moxxi spills the beans on the Meriff, follow the Customs Claptrap to the elevator.

The Claptrap unit makes the elevator go down first, but rest assured -- you will find reach the Meriff's lair-- err, office. At the outside of the Meriff's office, you'll need to kill enemies and two ceiling turrets. Try to let Jack tank for you, and do not get close to the active turrets.

With the area clear, follow the hallway to the Meriff's office. After a lot of story shenanigans, head back to the elevator outside. Fast travel to Triton Flats, then head over to the waypoint on the map. Go inside the garage and use the cover here to clear the enemies outside.

Then, input the code for the garage, which is hilariously You can go left or right on each digit, but you have to be pointing at the sides of the number first. With the numbers inputted, press the button to unlock the door. Inside here, put the scrambler on the console in the center of the room.

This will allow you to deploy Stingrays, which are hover vehicles that that glide in the air for a short period of time. The tradeoff on turbo is that you can effectively jump up, making it easier to jump over chasms. Get in your Stingray and ride to the waypoint. Ignore both the turrets and the enemy vehicles. Instead, punch it toward the chasm. If you're having trouble, then try to hover around without crossing the chasm, first. On the other side, head into the new area: Outland Canyon.

Outlands Canyon Go through the open gate with the "Bugger Off" sign over it. Your goal is to get to the waypoint, which is on the far end of the map. So, of course, you'll have to fight your way there.

First, you'll need to go through an area with buildings, and then cross a canyon of Kraggon. At the end of the canyon, you'll find a Moon Zoomy. Deploy a Stingray and drive to the waypoint. You'll reach Boggen's Warren. At this point, you might want to run past the enemies, if you're leveled enough -- you should be at least 11 for this quest.

But after the Warren, you'll find a perfectly located fast travel station. So, at least you won't have to go through all this again! Head to the waypoint to reach Fingersmith Halls. Here, you will find Davis Pickle. Listen to her plan, then enter Outlands Spur. Outlands Spur Again, you must fight your way past enemies to reach the bridge. And again, you can simply run past them if you're an appropriate level for this mission.

But if you aren't , then it might be worthwhile to kill them for the experience. Your goal is to reach the bridge, but as you can see, it's not open. You have to clear the enemies outside the entrance first.

They comes from the buildings as well as appear from the balconies. For this fight, you'll want to stay back, behind a crate, and get to work. Take out the enemies on the balconies first. There are barrels on these balconies, so shoot at the barrels for easy kills. In addition, you will also fight a Kraggon tamer, who is first mounting a Kraggon, then is off the Kraggon and summons more Kraggon.

It's a lot of Kraggon, but try to kill the tamer first. With the area clear, you can now enter the Processing Plant. Processing Plant We'll be in this area for a while -- backtracking back and forth through it -- so let's talk about the cover areas. Specifically, the first building with the vending machines is actually a good retreat-and-cover position.

And, bonus, you can heal here. There are also two enclosed bridges that make decent cover when you've cleared the enemies around them. Fight you way to the bridge and attempt to cross it.

Well, that didn't work! So, it appears there is a manual override -- go up the stairs and head into the building. You'll have to kill a Badass Scav at the entrance.

Inside the building, work the bridge controls. No dice here, either. So, we need to dump some methane now. From the bridge controls, go north and drop down to the level below. Here, you will see the methane controls to the south. This doesn't work, either, but we're on the right track -- we need to go fix the pumping station now. To the Pumping Station To the south of the controls, if you stay on this bottom area, you will reach a jump pad that will bring you back up to the bridge level.

From here, backtrack through the fortress and take the jump pad outside to propel yourself across the chasm. From here, fight your way toward the waypoint. There will be another chasm with no jump pad this time. However, there is a platform in the middle of the chasm with an air bubble enveloping it.

Jump to this platform and then from this platform, jump over across the chasm. Follow the land to the bridge that leads to the pumping station. And, as Bosun said earlier, he has some turrets you have to deal with.

Use the dump truck as cover while you take down both turrets. After that, clear the enemies around the entrance to the pumping station, then head inside. Pumping Station There are barrels all around this station, so blow them up when enemies get near them.

Otherwise, stick to the cover of the first building as you clear the area. Just as with any other area of the game, there are crates all around here that contain ammo and health packs. Fight your way to the east part of the station. You need a big broken stairway here, but you can jump up the broken parts and reach the upper level. On this level, clear the area of enemies. This is easier said than done -- with little cover, you'll have to rely on the explosive barrels to clear the area quickly.

With the enemies defeated, use the console to activate the pumping station. But we're not done yet! We now have to go across the map again, to the flow of the methane.

Backtrack all the way to the waypoint. This is basically the flow station. Clear the enemies, then use the jump pads in the back to fly up a level. From here, look to the east and you'll see an in-between level with another jump pad. Use it to reach the top of the flow station. And at the very top -on top of everything -- you'll find the valve that redirects the flow. We're almost done now! Backtrack all the way to the bridge.

Yes, the level design of this mission leaves much to be desired. The methane controls are on the ground level. When you rotate the valve, the lava will freeze and you can now cross it! Unfortunately, a Badass Kraggon spawns in the middle of the frozen bridge. Defeat it, then cross the frozen bridge, then climb up to the entrance of Pity's Fall.

Pity's Fall You need to enter Drakensburg now. Follow the linear area to the catwalks that lead to the entrance. When you're near the entrance, two turrets spring up from the sides of the door. Destroy them, then clear the enemies that come through the door, and then enter Drakensburg. Go to Command Center Head inside the fortress and clear the enemies in the first big room. Use the last room as cover while you clear them out. But, when you try to go to the Command Center, Bosun locks it.

And if that weren't enough, he calls out more enemies to attack you. Take cover -- I prefer to retreat back to the first room -- and clear these guys out. Well, apparently one of the enemies is helping you now. She opens the doorway leading to the engine room. In the eastern part of the big room, go up the stairs and you'll see that the door is now open.

It will lead outside to Starboard Ascent. Outside, you need to fight your way north to the Hangar Bay. There are a lot of enemies and even a fighter plane, so go slow while you clear the area. Jump up the Hangar Bay entrance, and head back inside the fortress. The Hangar Bay contains a turret and lots of enemies. Just as always, use the previous area as cover while you clear the current when.

9 tips for kicking ass at Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

To get to the waypoint, use the jump pad to float to the higher level. Go up the stairs and follow the halls to the Briefing Room. Continue going along the linear passageways to reach a broken lift chamber. Use the jump pads to go up the lift chamber, and you'll reach some vending machines. Now is a good time to restock after all those battles. After that, it's time for the Engine. You'll be in here for quite a little bit.

First, you'll want to clear the area. Use the previous room -- the room with the vending machines -- as cover while you clear the enemies. After that, head to the console to engage full power. Afterward, you must destroy the flow regular, which is the big glowing thing on the wall, way up. Just fire at it from below and it will blow up. Use the jump pad on the west side of the room to get up to the middle-level, then jump over to reach the top.

Interact with the console to open the power stabilizer. Now you have to destroy the power stabilizer. The windows block the chamber, but there are openings on the side if you jump up and then shoot. With the power stabilizer destroyed, jump back down to the middle level, and walk over to the console in the northwest corner.

And, well, jettison that engine! You can now drop in the engine shaft -- it's the big shaft in the center of the room -- so drop in and run across it. Jump up on the right and climb the ladder. Follow the waypoints through the rooms and to the outside. Use the jump pad to glide over, then go inside. You'll meet Poop Deck, Bosun's best lackey, who promptly explodes. Go to the waypoint, then drop down the elevator shaft to reach the Crew Quarters.

Kill the enemies, jump the chasm, then follow the halls to another elevator shaft. Drop down it to reach Security. Pull the lever at the console area to lower the force field. Head north to the Suspension Bridge. This is another area littered with enemies, so stay back and take them down as they come to you.

With the area clear, jump up to the platform with the jump pad, and use the jump pad to jump up to the waypoint. That's a lot of jumping!

Use the elevator controls to descend down to a boss fight with Bosun. Bosun Level: It also burns for DoT damage. These also cause burning DoT damage. You can dodge these rather easily.

Easy to dodge like rockets. But unlike in previous boss fights, they are pretty formidable opponents themselves. Bosun is somewhat difficult boss. He floats up in the air in his Star Wars throne, raining down on you with laser fire and rockets. He also has a very good shield. That is, until you destroy the shield. The key to victory is taking out the shield regen- erators before you begin your assault on Bosun. There are four regenerators, all on the second level, and they are clearly visible because there is a blue laser pointing at each pointing to Bosun.

Take out the regen- erators with your sniper or some type of automatic weapon. As far as cover for this, I actually like to stick near the elevator shaft.

If you're on the side, the rockets won't hit you, and Bosun has a hard time getting a good angle on you. You can also take cover behind the several pillars in the area. Once you have the regenerators destroyed, you can start on Bosun. He has some health, and still packs a punch, but he's not impossible to defeat now. Most of his attacks can be easily avoided. Just make sure to dodge the rockets both the explosive and electric ones and run away from his laser fire.

The normal enemies that spawn during the fight can also be trouble. For them, you should clear the ones that get up in your face trying to melee you. They can make it tough to shoot at Bosun while they're right in front of you. So, destroy the shield regenerators, dodge the rockets, and fire away at Bosun, summarily. Use the jump pad to get up to the top level, then use the keypad to open the door to the AI Hub. In the 'hub, you'll meet Skipper, who's really something different from what you probably thought.

Open the AI core and take the AI in the following room to turn in the quest. And instead of backtracking through all those rooms, there is a quick exit. So head back through the boss room, go up the elevator, and jump off Drakensburg. You will find a fast travel station at the gate in front of you.

Fast travel to Triton Flats, and grab a Stingray. Drive over to the waypoint on the map, and use the hover function of the Stingray to cross the broken rail gap. On this side, head over to the console and activate it to call the train. When it arrives, enter the building next to it and use the train to enter a new area. Titan Industrial Facility This whole area is infested with Torks. Thankfully, they are relatively weak enemies. Clear the area, then try to open the gate with the button.

It will open a little, let out some Torks, and close back up. Take out the Torks, then go over to the console and plug in Felicity. Felicity opens the gate in front of you; head in, clear the Torks, and go to the waypoint.

Crouch under the half-open door, and an "optional" objective pops up to plug Felicity into the system. I put "optional" in parenthesis because all you have to do is interact with the console right in front of you to complete this objective. So, you don't have to go out of your way or anything!

Clear the Torks in this room, then head Felicity can't open it, but you can try You'll open it, but also have to face a the little Torks, then continue through. Just clear it, then clear the now-opened gate.

This new area is full of enemies, so clear them out from the cover of the previous area. There are Scavs now, too. When it's clear, head over to the waypoint, which is yet another gate. Install Felicity in the console next to the gate. The outer security door closes, and turrets pop up. Felicity tells you to take out the turrets, but ignore her and run toward the side, behind the big pipes.

After a little bit, Felicity will program the turrets to only fight Torks. So, dealing damage to them before is counterproductive, as you will lower the health of a future ally.

With the turrets up, your next objective is to simply "survive. With the enemies defeated, you have a new waypoint: It's on an upper level, but you can jump from the big cargo containers to reach it. Use the jump pads to get onto the side of the facility. There is an electric trap keeping you from entering, so jump up to the right and fire at the electrical box through the small opening in the ceiling. With the trap now disabled, head inside, follow the corridor, and go up the ladder.

There is another electric gate, but you can disable this one with the lever in this room. Unfortunately, this disables all the electric fields, so that means all enemies -- including Torks -- can now enter the facility. The Torks will fight the Scavs in the next room. You can wait for them to weaken each other, or just go in and clear the area.

Go up the steps in the corner of the room and you will reach a long corridor. There is a Scav at the end and Torks will spawn from the black vents. Take them down, then follow the corridor to another big door. Rotate the valve to open it, then work on the Scavs in the following room.

You'll have to clear a few waves in this room. Then, a few Scavs lower a door to make an opening to the left of the Hangar Bay door. Kill these Scavs, then jump up to the newly-created opening. The door goes back outside, and then if you follow the linear area, you'll reach indoors again. You must clear the Scavs in the hangar for Gladstone now.

You'll have to defeat a few waves, and then spawn from the side doors. Use the barrels for easy kills, and retreat to the previous room if you need cover. With the area clear, Gladstone gladly opens up his doors. You meet him and everyone has a lengthy conversation about building robots. After that, Gladstone leads you. Back follow the area up to the waypoint. Do not attempt to "clear" the there is a Torkid Queen in the area that will just spawn new Instead, find the queen and kill her.

When you get close to the waypoint, some enemies run inside, like they're scared of you, but then the gate reopens, revealing they just got into their powersuits. So, you have to kill them, and the best opportunity to deal big damage is with a rocket launcher, right when they're bunched up, right when they open the door. After defeating them, head into the Production Plant. Titan Robot Production Plant Restock at the vendor, then go into the area to the right. Here, you must clear out all the Scavs.

A great place to do this is simply from the balcony you are on. Switch to a sniper rifle and start headshots, and blow up some explosive barrels. Once the enemy waves look depleted, drop down and head to the center. Yep, that's more enemies. Take cover behind a crate just make sure there isn't an explosive barrel next to it! After that, we must restore the power.

Follow the waypoint to the side room, which contains the door to the power room. Unfortunately, Scavs have locked up the door. They open the outer security layer of the window, basically just to point and laugh at you. Gladstone tells you to shoot Cryo at them, but all you need to do is shoot the Cryo barrels, which are to the sides of the windows. Shoot the barrels and the windows will blow up. From there, you need to clear out the small power room.

There's parts to clearing the room: After that, flip the switch on the power generator. You will get electrocuted a little, but it's all in the name of comic relief. Head back to the center area; now we need to find an eye. You need to summon the security bot. The console is on the third level of this area. To get there, you need to go up two ladders. The later from the second level to the third level is only halfway down.

When up top, press the controls to summon the robots. More than just robots come out -- in addition, there is another wave of enemies accompanying them. The robots spawn from the center of the ground floor, so a nicely timed rocket or grenade can hurt all of them.

Overall, you should stay up here as you take out the enemies below. After clearing the area, grab the four eyes -- each drops from the defeated robot -- and head to the Oculus lab. It's on the second floor, but it can be kinda confusing to find the door in this room. You need to go in the opposite direction, like you're going to the power room, and then open the door, back to the center area, to reach the second level. From here, simply walk across and open the door.

Follow the corridors to the Oculus Lab. There is a toaster-oven-like object in the center of the room. Place the 'eyes in there -- you'll have to place each one -- and watch it work its magic. With it complete, grab the oculus and head back to the center room. Press the controls on the ground to reveal our new death device, which kinda looks like a hunk of junk right now. Install the eye on the front, then use the controls on the second level console to start constructing the legs.

Follow the Constructer as it goes to the Assembly Bay. You will need to use a lift and it's button controls to get up to it.

Now you need to go to the testing facility. Here, you will need to watch the turrets kill 12 Scavs. Just hang around the sides at first and weaken the Scavs for the turrets to finish off.

Life in zero gravity

If you get the killing blow on a Scav, it does not count towards the 12 Scavs killed. With the turrets calibrated, head back to the Constructer. Use the console to attach the turrets. With that done, we now need to install the legs. Go through the newly-opened gate and follow the corridors to a boiler room of sorts. In this room, you'll need to clear three waves of enemies before the big gate-door opens. And when it does, you need to take care of an enemy in a powersuit and also a badass.

Use your retreating abilities to take cover while you defeat these foes. With everything dead, head to the waypoint, which is the Locomotion Assembly. Use the console to install Felicity on the death machine, then escort Felicity back to the main room. For the first batch of enemies on the way, Felicity should be able to take care of them by herself.

Still, you'll want to kill the ones on the ledge because she can't get up there. But back in the boiler room, you will have to face some powersuits. This is where your escorting comes in! Felicity will tank them, but you will have to deal the damage. Normal enemies also spawn from the sides, but the powersuit enemies take priority. When they are defeated, go for the small enemies on the sides.

After that, follow Felicity back to the main room. Use the controls to mount Felicity's torso onto her legs. She'll then be hauled off in front of you on a crane, so follow her. Press the button to open the door, then clear this transit area.

And again, use the previous room as cover while you clear out the new one. After that, go to the command center -- you will have to go around to the far side -- and open the door. A Badass and a normal Scav await you, so backpeddle it while firing at them. In the console command, simply interact with the console to continue. You'll now have a waypoint in the next area, so head to this place, called the Embarkation Station.

Here, you'll get to Install Felicity entirely, which is a rather sad part of the story. But, she does get her revenge Felicity Rampant Level: Hard Attacks: It does not travel too fast, so you can dodge it if you're far enough away. Just like before, they're instant. They tend to point more toward the ground, however. These are more homing than what you've experienced before, so get behind a pillar.

They make a red bubble, so they are easy to spot. Don't walk over them! She'll tell you before she starts attacking with them. It does damage over time in addition to direct damage. Ignore them unless you need a Second Wind. This can be a tough fight for many reasons.

But most of all, Felicity just spawns so many robots, and has so many different attacks, that it can be hard to deal with everything on the screen.

First, we have a similar mechanic to Bosun's fight in that she has little flying planes that will give her a red shield. When she has the shield, you can't damage her. But, you can easily destroy the planes that make the red shield. They only take a few hits to destroy, and then it's goodbye shield. The problem is that the shield can get in the way of the plane itself, so you'll have to maneuver yourself to get a shot at it.

She will get this shield at least a few times in the fight, so be prepared to destroy the planes when the shield goes up. Felicity also boasts tons of attacks. You can negate most of them if you stay far away from her, however. Obviously, melee attacks won't touch you if you aren't in melee range, but the lasers seem to point down a little too much, and her normal blue fire has a slow bullet speed.

The rockets are also slow. So, basically, you can dodge mostly anything if you stay far enough away from Felicity. She is weak at the legs, so shoot there. It's an easy place to target, and you'll do a lot more damage. After taking out more than half her health, her legs will give way and she'll enter her second form.

This form doesn't have as many attacks, but she does still have rockets and lasers, which you can both still dodge like before. Try to ignore the normal robots in this fight unless they group in front of you. The Pre-Sequel is similar to the previous parts.

The developers continue the original, comic book style of the series, but they had to make some changes on the account of placing the action on the moon. They have changed views and surroundings. As it is always in the Borderlands series, the important element is the cooperative mode up to 4 players , where players can select character and defeat enemies together and perform tasks. Core i5 2. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Table of Contents. About Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! Game Guide Author: Jacek "Ramzes" Winkler for gamepressure. May 5, Guide contains: Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide. No Problem! Quick change station Borderlands Pre-Sequel Guide. Video Game genre: Action developer: Mature Borderlands: Side missions - Serenity's Waste. Tales From Elpis. Side missions - Regolith Range.In addition, headshots practically one-shot them.

Go through the hall to reach the base. Take out the melee scavs first if they get close. At the bank, a Claptrap unit greets you and then lets you open the 'vault. The problem with these elemental effects is how many enemies later in the game are immune to different attacks.

Nisha the Lawbringer - A gun-waving sharpshooter with a murderous streak. It will take a LONG time to kill every enemy. Complete walkthrough of the new adventure, featuring tactics for defeating the bosses.

But before becoming cargo, head into the door that the lone enemy came out of, to the west of the central platform.